Rev. Kwame Pitts Presents Resolution

The words of Rev. Kwame Pitts as she presented the Resolution today…

Rev. Kwame Pitts,
Metro Chicago Synod
And I am speaking on behalf of the committee
Who collaborated on this resolution
For a Feast Day of Repentance
For the Emmanuel 9

“It is only when we are within the walls of our churches,
That we can wholly be ourselves…
That we keep alive a sense of our personalities
In relation to the total world in which we live,
That we maintain a quiet and constant communication
With all that is deepest in us.

Hear the voice of the Ancestor Richard Wright,
As reflected in the book,
The Cross and the Lynching Tree,
By the Ancestor, Dr. James Cone.

The Black Church is the place,
Where we find,
If no other place,
A sense of sacredness and of affirmation
Of our humanity
And it is where
We are taught,
To open the doors
And offer radical hospitality
To anyone,


On June 17th 2015
A man walked in the doors
Of Emmanuel AME church
And did not see
The reflection of Jesus Christ
In their faces
And with hatred
And because of racism
9 of our siblings in Christ


A man,
Who was a member
Of an ELCA church.


One reason why my Mother joined the ELCA
Is because the richness of liturgy and worship.
So how can we heal, Church
How can we make an actual powerful statement to the world
About we honor their memory
And be empowered to live out our faith
Through action,
Than through our liturgy
Through worship
As a Womanist Practical theologian
As a Pastor in this church
I ask this assembly
To pass this resolution

Sign the petition. Share the petition.

Do you have a testimony about why you need to see this resolution passed? Let us know.

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