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Thank you for signing up to join us! Will you take further action to help us bring this resolution to light?

Here are a list of things you can do to help us organize support for the resolution

If you know of some colleagues, council folks, leadership or friends who would also like to help out, beforehand or at assembly, could you personally email them an invitation to get involved? Here is some suggested text. You an alter it as you see fit.

Subject: Sign the petition! Establish June 17th as Emanuel 9 Feast Day of Repentance in the ELCA


I just signed up to help organize for a resolution at the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly for establishing June 17th as the Emanuel 9 Feast Day of Repentance. I think you might also be interested.

The resolution establishes a permanent day of repentance, grounded in prayer as the Emanuel 9 were murdered while in prayer at bible study, and will include developing future worship prayers and litanies around repentance from racism. It will include venerating the nine we lost for their martyrdom in Charleston. It will reaffirm the ELCA's commitment to repentance from racism. In these actions it does the work the Gospel. But we need your help getting the word out before Churchwide Assembly. 

They also need folks to help out with educating Churchwide Assembly voters, sharing on social media, organizing at Churchwide this year, and providing testimony about why this is so important. I thought you might be interested in helping out as well!

The petition is here:
The signup to help is here:

Many blessings!

If you have some people in mind already, can you take a moment right now to email them? This link below will open your default email program and include and invitation from you for them to sign the petition. All you have to do is fill in the recipient and hit send.

Click here to open your default email program and have this text already filled in.

Do you have a deeply personal or important witness to share? Please take a moment to let us know why this resolution matters to you.

Some things that others have felt called to witness was how the shooting affected them, concern for the future direction of the church, and ways that remember the Emanuel Nine have influenced or broadened their understanding of their faith.

You can submit your testimony here. It will be provided to the voters that represet your area, or possibly published to our social media or webpage (if you check the box giving us that permission.)

There might be more folks than you think who might be able to help. Think of folks who care about uplifting voices of color in faith communities. Even if they are not going to Churchwide Assembly, they may be able to help by:

  • Spreading awareness of the Petition to their congregations, synods, or other faith communities.
  • Finding an educating their Churchwide Assembly voters on the resolution and it’s importance.
  • Providing public testimony as to the importance of this resolution in their lives or the lives of others.

Being able to directly invite people to “like” our page on Facebook is the fastest way folks have found out about us. (We’ve done some number crunching!) Would you take a moment to visit our page and invite your friends? It does a world of good in getting the word out.

Our Page is here:

(If you do not know how, here is a video on how to do it.)

Check Off Items on the Action Plan

We have a complete list of actions you can take to get more signatures on our petition and to encourage our leadership to pass the resolution. Please go through the Action Plan list and do what you can.